Behind the scenes

ChainArgos has quietly been the driving force behind multiple successful lawsuits, from criminal to civil cases, including matters involving Celsius Network, Digital Currency Group, and Genesis Trading.

Tag, you’re it.

With a database of over 120 million distinct wallet tags and counting, ChainArgos helps litigants make sense of who is doing what, and more importantly, when. Break through the anonymity of the blockchain, as ChainArgos works closely with your lawyers to present clear, concise, and certain wallet address identification, ensuring you have your day in court.

The “who” matters.

Tracking on-chain transactions is challenging, but identifying them off-chain can be impossible. We enable:

  • accurate and provable identification of address owners
  • proving association through a series of transactions using our “look-through” algorithms
  • determining a single actor, or collusion through a series of actors

The “what”¬†matters.

With multi-chain capabilities, ChainArgos doesn’t just assist your litigation based on movements on one blockchain, but analyzes transaction behavior syncing across multiple blockchains to determine the actual value of the transactions in question.

Defendants will often try to obfuscate misappropriated or stolen assets by hypothecating cryptocurrencies across multiple blockchains using bridges, wrapping tokens, and sending through mixers. ChainArgos has capabilities that help “see-through” transactions to track funds regardless of where they move.

ChainArgos uses tools that automatically detect repetitive wallet behavior such as forwarding, or smart contract deployment, to ensure up-to-date tracing of cryptocurrencies, even where defendants attempt to hypothecate across lesser-known tokens or blockchains.

ChainArgos delivers enhanced “KYT” or Know-Your-Token so that you can:

  • determine if the token or protocol is operated by known bad actors or engaged in criminal activity
  • analyze a token or protocol network for wash trading and inflated transaction figures, and assess genuine use outside of speculation
  • monitor key wallet balances for signs of anomalous or large transactions by insiders looking to exit the token or protocol

The “why” matters.

Making sense of on-chain transactions with no discernible economic purpose is our forte.

By combining our expertise in blockchain intelligence with decades of experience in the financial services sector, our technology enables your lawyers to understand the true underlying purpose of seemingly meaningless transactions, ensuring you go after the right counterparties and seek to freeze assets in the appropriate places.

Experience the raw power of our blockchain intelligence platform.