Stablecoins are the backbone of the cryptocurrency markets. StableStreamTM is our comprehensive stablecoin blockchain data. Because we run our own full validator nodes, you can be sure of data integrity and historical accuracy for backtesting and macro flow signals.

StableStreamTM for Trading.

Develop and Backtest Your Digital Asset Trading Strategies

We don’t just deliver data, we validate it:

  • determine which stablecoin minting and burning affect crypto prices most
  • accurate time series data for backtesting
  • OHLCV + M/B – Mint/Burn to determine net flow

Using our enhanced StableStreamTM blockchain dataset, you can:

  • identify which stablecoins correlate with crypto price movements
  • develop robust quantitative trading models based on stablecoin arbitrage
  • build reliable algorithmic trading strategies based on stablecoin flows

Get Ready to Receive Incredible Insight

With StableStreamTM you can:

  • leverage sophisticated queries such as determining the largest holders of stablecoins and where they’re moving their money
  • receive automated threshold and transaction alerts 24/7 based on suggested and custom queries
  • differentiate the effects of the same stablecoin minted and wrapped across multiple blockchains

Using our enhanced blockchain dataset, you can:

  • manage counterparty exposure by monitoring key stablecoin wallet addresses for unusual behavior
  • develop automated stablecoin signals to alert you of changes in leverage and/or risk appetite
  • track stablecoin mints and burns across blockchains to determine true flow for price signals

How backed is your stablecoin?

Stablecoins are central to crypto markets but determining peg-backing across blockchains is complex:

  • real-time stablecoin peg-wallet and bridge monitoring
  • collateralization ratio monitoring in decentralized finance pools
  • monitoring stablecoin minting and burning across multiple blockchains and bridges

Using our enhanced stablecoin blockchain dataset, you can:

  • detect stablecoin undercollateralization for counterparty and risk management
  • determine when a major stablecoin holder has sold a significant portion of their overall cluster wallet balances
  • receive real-time 24/7 alerts when collateralization ratios fall below your preset tolerances


As the blockchain intelligence firm that uncovered proof of Binance’s BUSD undercollateralization and its strong correlation with subsequent BNB price increases, our enhanced stablecoin blockchain data can gives you an information advantage over the market.

Effect of Unbacked Binance-Peg BUSD on BNB Price

Periods of BUSD undercollateralization were often a prelude to significant BNB price increases.

BUSD on Ethereum, cryptocurrency exchange Binance also minted its own Binance-Peg (B-Peg) BUSD on its BNB Smart Chain (BSC). B-Peg BUSD on BSC was regularly undercollateralized by as much as US$1.4 billion.

During periods when BUSD on BSC was undercollateralized, the price of BNB trended upwards almost immediately thereafter, with strong correlation between unbacked BUSD and BNB price pumps.

Featured Press Coverage:

Portfolio Management.

StableStreamTM helps you monitor key stablecoin wallet addresses and transfers, ensuring you better manage your portfolio exposure and counterparty risk, informing the macro hedges you need to keep your investments safe.

What happened to USDC when Silicon Valley Bank failed?

Source: Google Looker instance utilizing ChainArgos data and queries.

Being able to ask questions like what was happening with USDC on the weekend that Silicon Valley Bank failed helped Symbolic Capital make an estimated US$20 million over the course of 72 hours.

According to our blockchain data, Symbolic Capital profited from the chaos of the U.S. banking failures, arbitraging USDC when the stablecoin slipped its $1 target peg but ultimately regained it.

But it’s not just knowing what the smart money is doing, what the protocol does matters as well. Which is why TradeArgosTM enables research into:

  • top wallet addresses (including clustering where wallets have been identified to be controlled by a single entity or a group of insiders)
  • actual token usage (to determine wash trading)
  • on-chain volumes versus centralized exchange declared volumes (to investigate pump and dumps and wash trading)

and much more.

Experience the raw power of our blockchain intelligence platform.