Powered by Google Cloud’s Looker, DashArgos is the most powerful blockchain analytics business intelligence tool available today. With our no-code approach, querying the blockchain for transactions, whales, and wallets, has never been more intuitive.

With DashArgos you get:

  • no-code rich queries of blockchain data suitable for non-technical users and analysts
  • searchable full transaction history to genesis block of all covered blockchains
  • highly customizable search parameters, including blockchain transaction analysis by time series, block number or wallet address

Unlock Trading Profits.

Better Backtests, Better Outcomes

Your returns are only as good as your strategies, and your strategies are only as resilient as the data you backtested with.

DashArgos enables you to find hidden alpha by developing resilient strategies with the most sophisticated blockchain queries and analytics tools.

Incredible Insight, Unbelievable Outcomes

Still relying on price and volume data alone? With DashArgos, you’ll get insight not found anywhere else. Know beforehand what insiders are doing with token distributions – the volumes may be the same – but moving $100 one time and $1 a 100 times can lead to vastly different outcomes.

In this case study here, YGG tokens were distributed amongst insiders in mid-July 2023, ahead of a massive pump in prices on the week of August 7, 2023.

What profits will your DashArgos insights generate for you?

Manage Risk Effectively

What good are gains if you don’t get to keep them? Whether it’s counterparty risk or collateralization ratios, ChainArgos has your covered.

How do you know if the exchange you’re trading on is solvent?

Collateralization ratios? ChainArgos has you covered.

DeFi Price Index.

Unlike traditional finance, generating a time series for reliable price feeds in DeFi is complex and expensive. DashArgos enables blockchain-level time series price feeds for DeFi, for reliable backtesting and index construction.

Building a Reliable Ethereum Price Feed from Uniswap

Source: Google Looker instance utilizing ChainArgos data and queries.

Source: Google Looker instance utilizing ChainArgos data and queries.

Being able to obtain a reliable DeFi price feed is a precursor to building a DeFi index. Unlike in traditional finance, simple metrics such as the Highest Price, Lowest Price and VWAP are complex and expensive to obtain from DeFi trading pairs.

DeFi DataStream enables:

  • high-fidelity DeFi price data to be fed into your trading model or index
  • ability to drill down to blockchain-level transaction data for price execution
  • more accurate backtesting of DeFi trading strategies

and much more.

Arbitrage Opportunities.

DeFi DataStream enables you to monitor key “whale” wallet addresses and transfers, allowing you to spot opportunities revealed by insiders making major moves.

How to Make $20 million in One Weekend

Source: Google Looker instance utilizing ChainArgos data and queries.

Being able to ask questions like what was happening with USDC on the weekend that Silicon Valley Bank failed helped Symbolic Capital make an estimated US$20 million over the course of 72 hours.

According to our blockchain data, Symbolic Capital profited from the chaos of the U.S. banking failures, arbitraging USDC when the stablecoin slipped its $1 target peg but ultimately regained it.

But it’s not just knowing what the smart money is doing, what the protocol does matters as well. Which is why DeFi DataStream enables research into:

  • top wallet addresses (including clustering where wallets have been identified to be controlled by a single entity or a group of insiders)
  • collateralization ratios (automated alerts can help to detect the first signs of trouble, with collateralization ratios in specific liquidity pools often becoming catalysts to market wide sell downs)
  • appetite for leverage by monitoring decentralized stablecoin minting and burning

and much more.

Experience the raw power of our blockchain intelligence platform.