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Blockchain data solutions for your every need.

Enhanced blockchain data to feed algorithmic trading on centralized exchanges (CEX), derivatives exchanges and decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Counterparty risk assessment and 24/7 on-chain monitoring with real-time alerts of abnormal transfers, unbacked stablecoins or unusually large transactions.

KYC/AML solutions including, wallet transaction mapping and monitoring, token attestations and on-chain tools for regulatory oversight and enforcement.

Experience the world’s most powerful blockchain analytics tool


End-to-end blockchain data solutions.

From trading and risk management to compliance and research, ChainArgos’ enhanced blockchain data suite ensures that accurate and comprehensive data supports every decision you make in the digital asset space.

Our blockchain data solutions.


TradeArgos is our comprehensive blockchain data solution for traders and investors, enabling:

  • Accurate Backtests
  • Development of Alpha-Generating Trade Strategies
  • Real-Time and Historical DeFi Price Data

All of which help you profit from information asymmetries and assess the solvency and liquidity of trading counterparties.


RiskArgos is our comprehensive solution for counterparty risk management:

  • Risk Assessment Reports including legal, API and on-chain/off-chain trading data
  • Real-time Risk Monitoring of a constantly updated group of flagged entities
  • Proprietary Risk Scoring methodology for risk assessment and macro hedge deployment

all of which help you manage your counterparty exposure.


GovArgos is an entirely new approach to digital asset oversight and enforcement:

  • Blockchain-level monitoring for Licensing Regime
  • Banking Protection for stablecoin issuance and economic impact assessment
  • Macro Tools including tax and fund flow monitoring

Enable the benefits of blockchain technology, while minimizing negative social and financial risks on your economy.

Get better blockchain data today.

Data is the currency of the blockchain, which is why ChainArgos is dedicated to delivering the best blockchain data to inform your business, investment, hedge fund, financial institution or regulatory agency to make the best possible decisions.